The Electric Boat Association of America was formed in 1992 to gather those dedicated to the enjoyment  and promotion of clean, quiet electric boating.

EBAA Objectives:
  • To be an educational arm and information source for electric powered boating issues.
  • To be a planning and organizing agency for meetings, exhibitions and competitions.
  • To  be a clearing house for ideas and information on electric boat products and services.
  • To be a represenative of electric boaters in matters of enviromental protections and regulations with all levels of government.
  • To be a link with similar international associations in the promotion of electric boating activities and events.
  • To provide a forum for individuals and homebuilders to share experience and advice on their electric boat related projects.

EBAA executive director: 
  • Tom Hesselink, owner of Budsin Wood Craft, electric boat builders in Marshallberg, NC.   Email contact

EBAA advisory board:
  • Capt. Todd Simms, owner of E-Power Marine, electric boat dealer and assembler in Boynton Beach, FL.  Email contact
  • Chuck Houghton, former CEO of Elco Electric Launch Co. in New York.       Email contact  
  • Kenneth Matthews, EBAA founder and former executive director. Email contact

Electric Boat Association of America
PO Box 2115
Beaufort, NC 28516
Email: ebaa@ec.rr.com
Phone:  252-729-1540
Fax:  252-729-1640
Electric Boat Association of America