Erg'd On - 2012 Winner

Approximately 24 miles distance.  Race starts and finishes at the Miles River Yacht Club. The club is located just north of St. Michaels on Yacht Club Road.  There is a launch ramp on the premises but can be sandy so a 4-wheel drive is suggested for heavy boats.  Otherwise you may launch at the town docks located on Chew Street in downtown St. Michaels and motor to the yacht club.  It is possible for boats to stay overnight on Thursday but be aware dock space is limited but usually not a problem. Call the yacht club to make arrangements: 410-745-9511.

Occasionally some of the participating boats are willing to take on passengers, so feel free to come out even if you don’t have a boat.  A 10 minute mandatory rest stop is located at the mid-point of the course, a launch ramp is also located there in case someone needs to take on or put off passengers or make an emergency stop.   There will be a chase boat on hand to lend any assistance needed.  Course charts will be handed out prior to race.  A cell phone and GPS are recommended equipment.


Friday Sept 30:  Miles River Yacht Club, 24750 Yacht Club Road, St. Michaels, MD 21663

10:00 AM, Wye Island Race starts in front of the yacht club docks.  All boats should be launched and on station by 9:50 AM.

7:00-9:00 PM,  Awards and Dinner.  Held at the Miles River Yacht Club.  A buffet is sometimes available or dinner can be ordered off the menu.

Race rules:
  • All boats must comply with USCG safety regulations.
  • All passengers must have a properly sized PFD available.
  • No taking on or charging of batteries (usng a generator) during the entirety of the race.
  • Fuel cells may be used.
  • Solar panels are allowed to charge batteries or directly power the boat during the race.
  • For safety reasons boats are expected to have a paddle, oars or alternative means of propulsion available but if anything other than an electric motor is used for forward propulsion the boat will be immediately disqualified from the competition.  A paddle or oar may be utilized to assist with docking at the stopping point at Wye Landing or to push off in the case of grounding.  
  • Sail boats are allowed to compete but you cannot unfurl your sails during the race.  There are two bridges on the course that have a clearance of around 10' so most masts will have to be lowered.
  • There is a mandatory 10 minute stop mid point in the course at Wye Landing.  All boats must remain docked or beached for no less than 10 minutes.  There are bathroom facilities here as well as a snack (and bait) stand.
  • There are no enforced markers on the course as the Island determines the course distance.  There are some shallow areas on the route and it is the captain's responsibility to avoid these areas.  Boats with a 4' or less draft won't have to stray far from the shortest possible distance in order to complete the course.
  • Boats taking more than six hours to complete the course will be towed in, in order to relieve the duties of the chase boat.

Classes and Awards:

Single Hulls, three classes:
Class 1, Lead/acid batteries: Any single hull boat with a length to beam ratio less than 6 to 1, and utilizing lead/acid batteries. Entrants in this class will be handicapped by waterline length (1.34 times the square root of the waterline).  This will allow smaller boats to compete with larger ones. (note, motor/s must be rated less than 8kw)
Class 2, Advance batteries: Any single hull with a length to beam ratio less that 6 to 1 and utilizing non-lead/acid batteries, or running off a fuel cell. Because of the likelihood of these boats running the entire course at planing speeds, this class will not be handicapped by waterline length.  (note, motor/s must be rated less than 8kw)
Class 3, Extreme class: Any single hull boat with a length to beam ratio greater than 6 to 1, or a motor kilowatt rating greater that 8kw.   Any type of battery or fuel cell is allowed.  No handicaps.

Multi Hulls*, two classes:
Class 4, Lead/acid batteries: Any boat with two or more hulls utilizing lead/acid batteries.
Class 5, Advanced batteries: Any boat with two or more hulls utilizing non-lead/acid batteries, or running off a fuel cell.

*Any form whose intended purpose is to contribute buoyancy the boat while it is at rest is considered a hull.  There are no handicaps in the multi hull classes.

Awards for each class:
First place: $50 plus trophy.

Entry Fee:
$25 for private individual or $100 for commercial entry.

Plese send entry form and fee to:

Electric Boat Association
PO Box 2115
Beaufort, NC 28516
Phone: 252-729-1540

Link to part 1 of course map
Link to Part 2 of course map

Link to entry form

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